Schoolhouse Restoration


Before repair


During construction


Almost complete

The Adelaida Historical Foundation has been active since 2003, with the primary goal of restoring the 1917 Adelaida School as a community and history center. Years of fund raising events like wine tastings, BBQs, trailrides and art events–all with the generous support of the community and an all-volunteer cast–have allowed the AHF to raise over $100,000. Construction work to restore the sagging, rotting school began in 2009 (see the progress in the photo gallery) and the following progress has been made to date:

  • Phase 1: Provide on-site electric, phone and water services.COMPLETED
  • Phase 2: New foundation under schoolhouse and new handicapped access ramp.COMPLETED
  • Phase 3: Septic system including leach lines.PARTIALY COMPLETED
  • Phase 4: Rebuild exterior walls, new exterior siding and windows to prepare for new roof construction.COMPLETED
  • Phase 5: Repair roof framing and new roofCOMPLETED
  • Phase 6: Interior finishing including rebuilt kitchen, renovated blackboards, repair ceilings and restore library.Estimated Cost: $20,000 to $30,000
  • Phase 7: Site work, grading and base parking area, exterior handicapped bathroom, concrete walks, BBQ areaEstimated Cost: $25,000

If you’d like to help with any of this work, please let us know.